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DIY Decorating Coaching & Online Self-Paced Course


You will receive 3 one-on-one decorating sessions that are held either via phone or through video (preferred). The duration of each session is 60 minutes. During the session, we will discuss your needs, answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best solutions to help you create your the look you desire. Along with your coaching sessions, you will receive access to an self-paced online course that's designed to will help you decorate any room in your house. The course consists of 3 modules. The first module will be accessible immediately upon purchase, and upon completion, you must connect with your coach to proceed to the remaining 2 modules. The usage of your coaching sessions is entirely up to you and not limited to the online course. Whether you are in the process of decorating a room or working on a DIY project for your home, these sessions are designed to provide guidance and support. If you have any additional questions, feel free to send an email to




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