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5 Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

One of my specialties as an interior designer is helping homeowners on a budget transform their homes into a luxurious, tranquil oasis. Many of them do a lot of the work themselves, while I guide them through the process from start to finish.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t make your home look more expensive. In this article, I’ll share 5 of my favorite tips on how to make your home look fabulous without costing you a fortune.

Texture and Plush Fabrics

Adding texture to a room creates instant warmth and coziness. It also adds visual interest, giving the appearance of depth and luxury. When you add materials and items with texture, you create a custom, curated look, which translates into “expensive.”

Layering can make a room feel more complete and rich. You can do this with throws, pillows, and rugs. I love using pillows with different textures. Velvet is one of my favorites because it has such an elegant look, but boucle and mohair are great choices too. You can easily switch them out to change the color scheme for different seasons and even save a little money by purchasing the covers only and reusing the filling, whether it's down or poly.

Other ways to create texture include using accent rugs, and decorative items such as baskets, bowls and vases, all made from different materials.

Create an Uncluttered, Minimalist Look

Stick to the rule that “less is more.” A minimalist look is always chic. Stick to a few elegant accessories and decorative objects rather than fill up your room with possessions. A clutter-free home will also make it appear larger and more high-end.

Keep your furniture down to a minimum as well, using pieces that you need rather than want. Go through your home room by room, eliminating furniture that you never use.

Use Metallics, but Don’t Go Overboard

Bright silver and gold will help make a room look regal and lavish. But don’t overdo it. Metallic accents will accomplish what you are trying to achieve. You can add an elegant wreath, even one you’ve made yourself, a light fixture with gold hardware, or curtains with bronze trim. If you’re very budget-conscious, you can buy a can of spray paint and transform a table lamp into an expensive-looking accessory. If you pair metallics with glass, your room will appear larger and more expensive.

How about metallic wallpaper on your ceiling? Consider using it in your entryway or foyer, to welcome guests with an extravagant look.

Add Molding, Trim or Architectural Details

Molding, wall trim and architectural details such as paneling, door casings and fireplace mantles, can work wonders to make a room appear more expensive. There are many DIY techniques so you don’t need to hire a carpenter or contractor. Crown moldings, for example, will give your home a more finished and visually interesting look.

Consider adding a splash of color to highlight existing molding, or using molding for your baseboards, ceiling beams, columns and ceiling medallions.

Replace Hardware

This is one of my favorite techniques for giving a home a more polished look without requiring much in the way of time or an investment. It’s something you can easily do yourself. You can update knobs and handles on existing furniture, cabinets and dressers.

Brass or copper hardware in your kitchen or bathroom will give the room a new, high-end look. You can purchase hardware in bright, shiny finishes at any hardware store, or, find used ones at a flea market or antique shop.

For those of you who want a fabulous home on a budget, keep an eye out for my next blog post, The Top 5 Affordable Home Décor Stores for Shopping online.”

Feel free to contact me to book a consultation.

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